Community Development

Although 2021 and 2020 were difficult years, the neighborhoods continued to meet virtually and accomplished some significant projects. In 2021, the neighborhood sign in Central Park and the roof replacement project in Fairfield Village were completed. Both neighborhoods received grants from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint to mow and maintain green spaces in the neighborhood, and began the process of updating neighborhood plans.   In 2020, sidewalk replacement project in Central Park continued and, with support from the City of Flint and Habitat for Humanity, we were able to complete a section of south Second Street.  Central Park received a $25,000 grant through the MSHDA NEP program  to install a neighborhood sign at the corner of Court Street and NB Chavez.  The Community Foundation of Greater Flint granted funds to trim and maintain trees in East Street Park, clean the cul de sacs and funded the publication of a newsletter in Fairfield Village.  Fairfield Village also received $25,000 in MSHDA NEP grant funding to replace three roofs in the neighborhood. These projects support our mission to "help neighborhoods establish a sense of purpose, pride and place" and improves the housing stock and quality of life for residents.     
In 2019, Central Park received grant funding to begin a sidewalk replacement project.  By the end of 2020, we expect all of Second Street, from Crapo to East Street, to be replaced. From 2016-2018, CSVNP received $115,000 in grant funding to paint 17 homes in Central Park.  Since 2014, nearly 43% of the housing stock in Central Park has undergone some sort of home improvement or exterior upgrade, we believe, as a direct result of the projects CSVNP has implemented on behalf of the Central Park neighborhood. 
 Throughout 2018, the neighborhoods worked hard to update their neighborhood plans. The plan callled for a continuation of the Central Park Paint Project along with other exterior facade home improvements and beautification projects. With support from the Community Foundation of Greater Flint and Habitat for Humanity's BRAND grant, Fairfield Village had 41 oudated street lights converted to LED. More details are listed under each neighborhood tab. For a copy of the Central Park and/or Fairfield Village Neighborhood plan, please call Norma at (810) 767-0603.
In 2014, 50 outdated street lights in the Central Park neighborhood were upgraded to LED.  CSVNP participated in the City of Flint's Housing Implementation Task Group from August, 2014 to February, 2016.  
CSVNP began in 2009 to develop a plan called the NICE Initiative (Neighborhood Investment for Community Enhancement) to stabilize neighborhoods and to eliminate blight.  In 2016, CSVNP received a $92,000 grant from the City of Flint for Down Payment Assistance to help buyers purchase vacant homes in the Central Park and Fairfield Village neighborhoods.   
CSVNP was active in the Neighborhood Stabalization Group meetings throughout 2009. From 2009 - 2011 CSVNP received HOME funds from the City of Flint totaling nearly $400,000 for their Owner-Occupied ReHab and Purchase, ReHab, ReSale programs. 
In 2006, CSVNP implemented a CDBG grant of $50,000 from the City of Flint to correct exterior code violations on 6 homes in the Central Park, Fairfield Village and Carriage Town neighborhoods.  Another grant for $25,000 was received from the Ruth Mott Foundation to correct exterior code violations in the Grand Traverse District Neighborhood.
In 2005, CSVNP joined with the Genesee County Land Bank Authority, LISC, and the City of Flint to purchase the Berridge Hotel and remodel it into condominium/lofts as a part of the overall plan to improve the 3rd Avenue corridor between the University of Michigan-Flint and Kettering University. This property is in the Carriage Town Historic District and was completed in December, 2008. 
In 2004/05 CSVNP assisted two private developers in obtaining grants from the Commercial Economic Development Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. The first was $16,000 to aid in the adaptive reuse of the Stockton House. The second was $26,500 for the adaptive reuse of a commercial building.  Both projects were in the Grand Traverse District Neighborhood.  
In 2002, CSVNP obtained a grant for a comprehensive study and strategy plan for commercial development in the West Court Street corridor from Saginaw Street to Thread Creek.

CSVNP has been awarded and administered nearly $3,200,000.00 in Federal CDBG & HOME grants to rehabilitate homes, apartments and commercial buildings in the 4 neighborhoods over the last 26 years.

Here's an example of a home we rehabilitated through the City of Flint's "Purchase, ReHab, ReSale" program: