Mission Statement … 

Working to improve housing values, area desirability, return on investment and promote excellence in owner management

Who We Are

The Central Park Neighborhood Association Landlords’ Committee is a group of individual property owners who provide rental housing in Central Park and are invested in the well-being of the neighborhood.

Meetings take place every other month on the third Wednesday at 5 pm at Court Street Village Nonprofit, 727 East Street. Always verify place and time before each meeting. 


What We Do 

·         Identify and welcome landlords


·         Promote tenant retention


·         Identify grant money and other funding opportunities to improve the curb appeal of the neighborhood


·         Advocate for quality working relationships between Landlords and City of Flint code enforcement personnel


·         Facilitate communication between landlords, renters and owner occupants

·         Assist investors to maintain and maximize profits


Want to become Central Park Certified?


Membership is Free

·         Own property in the neighborhood

·         Attend minimum of 3 landlord committee meetings per year

·         Have a current rental license (s)

·         Maintain property insurance (s)

·         Non delinquent property taxes

·         Comply with city licensing requirements

Benefits of Becoming CPC

·         Eligible for Paint Project or similar projects

·         Comprehensive Lease Agreements

·         Landlord/Tenant Handbook

·         Credit & Criminal background Screening

·         Marketing