Court Street Village Nonprofit
Housing Corporation (CSVNP) was
organized in 1986 to provide quality, affordable housing & promote healthy neighborhoods in downtown Flint, Michigan.   

CSVNP pioneered the use of low income housing tax credits in the State of Michigan and raised $20,000,000 to construct two low income senior housing apartment buildings, one finished in 1990 and the other in 1993.  A Neighborhood Empowerment Program was begun in 1994 by CSVNP to assist four neighborhoods in Flint, Michigan improve the quality of living with projects such as the rehabilitation of owner
occupied homes. Through the use of public and private grant funds,  nearly $3,200,000 in rehabilitation work has been completed on nearly 30 homes and commercial buildings in the area between 1994 and 2016.  CSVNP has also been an active partner with other nonprofit organizations and foundations in developing and supporting activities and projects that focus on improving the community. Move to the tab "Community Development" for more details.

In 1995, with the generous support of a local foundation, CSVNP moved its headquarters into a tudor style home in the Central Park neighborhood.  The house has an attached auditorium ideal for community meetings and other functions.

In 2009, CSVNP made a conscious decision to focus on neighborhood stabilization through blight elimination and drafted a plan to implement those efforts.  The plan is called the NICE Initiative and was unveiled to neighborhood stakeholders in 2013. Later that year, CSVNP received a grant to replace outdated street lighting to LED. The project was completed in December, 2014. From 2016-2018, CSVNP has received $115,000 in grant funding to paint 17 homes in the Central Park neighborhood.  Move to the tab "NICE Initiative" for detailed information and pictures. In 2019, Central Park received grant funding from three sources to begin a sidewalk replacement program, beginning on the north side of Second Street and continued in 2020 on the south side of Second Street.  In 2021, with a MSHDA NEP grant, Central Park installed an elaborate neighborhood sign in an effort to establish purpose and place, and Fairfield Village completed a roof project that allowed CSVNP to replace three roofs in an effort to improve the housing stock. 
  Court  Street  Village Nonprofit
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