Court Street Village Non Profit
Housing Corp. (CSVNP) was
organized in 1986 to provide quality, affordable housing & promote healthy neighborhoods in downtown Flint, Michigan.   

In 1994, CSVNP initiated its Neighborhood Empowerment Program to assist 4 downtown Flint, Michigan neighborhood organizations in their efforts to maintain a strong, livable neighborhood through resident participation in neighborhood programs and rehabilitation of owner occupied homes with the assistance of public and private grant funds.  Over $850,000 of rehabilitation work has been completed on nearly 30 homes in the area.  CSVNP has also been an active partner with other nonprofit organizations and foundations in developing and supporting activities and projects that focus on improving the community. Click here to learn more about Neighborhood Organizations.

In 1995, with the generous support of a local foundation, Court Street Village Non Profit Housing & Community Development Corp. moved its headquarters into a Victorian style home in the Central Park neighborhood.  The house has an attached auditorium ideal for community meetings and other functions.

You can learn more about us and see our IRS Form 990 at Guidestar by clicking here.  Just type in COURT STREET VILLAGE and it's quick and easy to register and go right to our 99O form.
                 Court  Street  Village Nonprofit
727 East St.
Flint, MI 48503