Neighborhood Organizations

For more information on these neighborhood organizations, click on the link below:

Central Park Neighborhood Association

Fairfield Village Neighborhood Council


CSVNP began a neighborhood support program in 1994 for the four neighborhoods closest to the downtown area. There are approximately 2400 housing units in these four neighborhoods. With the assistance of an initial grant from the LISC Americorp program, a neighborhood program director was hired to initiate & assist the neighborhood organizations in the Central Park, Fairfield Village, Grand Traverse and Carriage Town areas. That program has continued to flourish.  Some of the neighborhood associations and their leaders have received awards from the Neighborhood Associations of Michigan.

The Neighborhood Empowerment Program has been successful in assisting these neighborhood organizations in their efforts to create a stronger and more livable neighborhood through such activities as: the creation of a cul-de-sac program to reduce traffic and crime; annual neighborhood cleanups; adopt-a-house paint day; grant writing in support of neighborhood activities; the creation of crime watch programs; and the development of neighborhood long range plans. 

Today, CSVNP supports two downtown neighborhood associations, Central Park and Fairfield Village.